Christmas 2017 - Chase Computers Wonthaggi Bass Coast
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Christmas 2017

Do not get ripped off!!
* * * * * PLEASE TAKE NOTE * * * * *
Telstra, Microsoft Windows, Norton et al. will NOT ring you advising you have viruses, germs and malware
  • If they ring - HANG UP!
  • NEVER let anyone on your PC unless you have met them in person - no matter how helpful they are!
  • NEVER transfer money when someone has remote access to your PC (they will take even more of your money)
  • If you got caught and the Australian Federal Police ring you to return your stolen money, DO NOT LET THEM ON YOUR PC (they will only take more of your money - it is a SCAM)
  • I am only a phone call away - hang up on them and ring me for advise!!!
If you think none of the above could ever happen to you, ask your friends and I am sure they will know someone just as clever as you who got caught, but some of your friends will not be aware - so talk about it. Don't let your friends or mine get caught out.

If you want examples of all of the above, based on real people living somewhere near you, check out SCAM and CRYPTOLOCKER and read my blog.
YES - the internet has become a scary place
please don't get scammed, ripped off, misled or stolen from over the holiday period and beyond

Merry Christmas Mistake
Rollin Christmas
Elefant Christmas
Merry Xmas 2017
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