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Stop Windows 10?

Chase Computers Wonthaggi Bass Coast
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Fred claims  he never touched the Windows 10 Update offer on his taskbar, but when  we looked in the windows update history, Windows 10 had failed to  install 19 times!  $50 worth of data had been used in 4 hours!

Sadly Fred was  not alone, in the past week we have removed the Windows 10 update from 8  laptops/PCs (update KB3035583) all suffering from sluggish internet  access and massive download totals using up precious data.

Windows 10 update is a bad idea
  • If you have neither high speed ADSL nor NBN with a reasonable data allocation.
  • If you don't  get much data on your plan. Win10 will cost a minimum of a 3gig download  (Fred's mate got his Windows 10 after 3 separate attempts which took  place automatically at a cost of approximately 12gig)
  • If you do not  like change.  Windows 10 is an evolution of Windows 8, admittedly it is  much better than 8, but it is most definitely different than Windows 7.  
  • If you do not  like automatic updates.  Windows 10 does not allow you to change the  way updates happen.  If an update exists you will get it, and if it  fails as in the case of a recent update, Windows 10 will retry  indefinitely.
  • If you do not trust Microsoft.  Nobody knows if or when Microsoft will start charging for maintenance updates.

Windows 10 update is a good idea
  • If you liked Windows 8, you will love Windows 10
  • If you want the latest Microsoft offering
  • If you have fast, reliable internet with a good data allocation.

Windows 10 is a  free upgrade until June 2016 to those who qualify, and to qualify you  must have suitable hardware and either an up to date Windows 7 or 8/8.1

Windows 10  upgrade is offered via Windows Update and appears as an icon on the  desktop taskbar, to accept you click on it and reserve a copy.

NB Windows  10 will NOT be offered via an email from Microsoft or anyone else.  This  email is a scam and the attachment holds an unpleasant payload.  If you  receive this email offer, delete it!!!

If you previously removed update KB3035583, you may need to do so again.  Microsoft has re-released it!

You better read this!! (you need to make sure system protection is turned on)

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